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Celcom launches Exclusive White iPhone 4 with Best Plans

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Celcom has just lowered the price of its iPhone 7 bundle. You can now get the iPhone 7 from as low as RM1, The catch? You will need to sign up for a contract under a Celcom Postpaid plan – Celcom First Gold Plus or Celcom First Platinum.

From now until 31 Marchget the iPhone 7 from. The plan also allows users to upgrade their devices from RM onwards, to any available smartphones such as the iPhone X, iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S9, Huawei P20 and Vivo V9.

Celcom deputy CEO of business operations Azwan Khan Osman Khan in a statement yesterday said the EasyPhone scheme has been improved to offer subscribers with greater. Customise your iPhone 7 Bundle. Choose your Pricing Option. Zerolution Monthly Payment? Choose your Rate Plan. MaxisONE plan Calls Unlimited.

to all networks. SMS. Unlimited. to all networks. Share Quota. Business. Or dial from mobile. Our Support Channels. Payment Methods. Payment Secured by.

I purchased a device + plan from Celcom recently. I have been a loyal customer to another Telco for many years, recently decided to take up another line with Celcom.

Expectations high on Celcom to provide their best service but unfortunately it has been a BIG letdown. The Celcom Business L plan offers the most for early birds as you will walk away with 50 J2 Prime’s, 11 iPhone 7 32GB or 16 P9’s.

“At present, business mobile packages in.

Best Postpaid Plans For iPhone 8 And iPhone 8 Plus in Malaysia

iPhone X is expected to arrive in Malaysia for sale from 24 Nov and you can go to Digi, Celcom, UMobile, or Maxis to buy the phone with its plans. Following the best plans for iPhone 8, here are the plans you can find for iPhone X in Malaysia.

Celcom business plan iphone
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