Dawood ibrahim hawala business plan

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Dawood Ibrahim, Tiger Memon: Brains behind 1993 Mumbai blasts, still on the run

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Caught on tape: How underworld don Dawood Ibrahim manages his business empire

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Enforcement Directorate files money laundering case against Dawood Ibrahim's brother Iqbal Kaskar

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House With a criminal blanket like his, Dawood has several hours and homes throughout Karachi, Pakistan. Dawood Ibrahim runs his business empire across the globe.

The government had identified 11 close associates of Dawood, & 7 of his companies that deal in aviation, oil. Dawood Ibrahim is the main accused in the serial bomb blasts case in Mumbai in which around people were killed, and more than suffered injuries.

He fled the country post the bombings and is understood to be hiding in Pakistan. Dawood has decided that his failing health will not allow him to helm D-company's $10 billion multinational empire of drugs, betting, hawala, and arms smuggling.

D-Company is headed by fugitive Indian underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. Wanted in India for a series of high profile crimes and terrorist attacks in places like Mumbai, Ibrahim according to US and Indian officials is now based in Karachi city of Pakistan.

NEW DELHI: National security advisor Ajit Doval has a strategy to weaken Dawood Ibrahim and his syndicate. The plan is to identify D-Company’s offshore assets and get them frozen, sources say.

Jun 28,  · Hawala operator held in Mumbai, linked to Dawood Ibrahim Last week, the crime branch had arrested Ramdas Rahane, an alleged shooter linked to the Dawood Ibrahim gang, for threatening to kill a Mumbai-based unavocenorthernalabama.com: Express News Service.

Dawood ibrahim hawala business plan
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Caught on tape: How underworld don Dawood Ibrahim manages his business empire - India News