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How to Start an Alternative Power Consulting Business

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Identify needed funding, and with your business plan, approach venture capitalists who specialize in the alternative energy industry.

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GrowThink is an excellent resource for individuals starting. At innogy Consulting we are working with energy leaders to create the sustainable, innovative, and people centric energy world of the future.

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The Gallagher Way is more than just placing coverage and selecting a plan. It is the code by which we live.

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Providing you with insurance, risk management and consulting to go beyond your business goals. KYOS delivers financial technology for energy and commodity markets.

Our analytical solutions are used by utilities, commodity traders and industrials. Deloitte provides industry-leading audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services to many of the world’s most admired brands, including 80 percent of the Fortune As a member firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, a network of member firms, we are proud to be part of the largest global professional services network, serving our clients in the markets that are most important to them.

Greenbacker Renewable Energy Company, LLC is an externally managed energy company that acquires and manages income-generating renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, and other energy-related businesses, as well as finances the construction and/or operation of these and sustainable development projects and businesses.

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