Msu food waste investigation summary

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Michigan State University hosts ‘Our Table’ discussion on food waste

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For the second consecutive year, MSU Culinary Services has decreased dining hall food waste with its Clean Plates at State initiative. The clean plates program is a food waste measurement system at MSU aiming to reduce food. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

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Chapter 1. History Of Regular Observations Over The Kerch Strait And The Data Sets Available. students’ post-consumer waste alone! MSU: Wasted Students?

MSU Food Waste investigation Summary

or Wasted Food? The results of an investigation on food wasted by students at Michigan State University and solutions to address the problem Created by Simon Anderson, Alex Parker, Lisa Schindler, Lindsay Stolkey, & Katie Ward.

Msu food waste investigation summary
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Clean Plates program decreases food waste | MSUToday | Michigan State University