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Galdos and the Art of the European Novel

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May 13,  · Summary (Passed down comps notes) The story revolves around Isadora Rufete, although there are some other people that appear constantly throughout the story. Isadora is very pretty, and has natural talents that never are quite enough to help her reeeally change her situation.

LIES, IRONY, SATIRE, AND THE PARODY OF IDEOLOGY IN DO~~A. PERFECTA1. WIFREDODE RAFOLS University of Nevada, Reno. ROM its contemporary reception in to the present, much of the most perspicacious com- mentary Benito PQrez Gald6s' D& Perfecta has occasioned revolves around the question of its ideological intent and, in recent decades, the de- gree to which it.

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Plot summary. The action occurs in 19th century Spain, when a young liberal named Don José (Pepe) Rey, arrives in a cathedral city named Orbajosa, with the intention of marrying his cousin Rosario. This was a marriage of convenience arranged between Pepe's father Juan and Juan's sister, Perfecta.

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Summary dona perfecta
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