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Gloria Steinem

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Summary of Gloria Steinem’s Erotica & Pornograph Essay Sample

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Summary of Gloria Steinem’s Erotica & Pornograph Essay Sample Gloria Steinem’s “Erotica and Pornography” was published in Ms. magazine in In this piece she elaborates on why conception is not the only time human beings want to have sex.

Gloria Steinem’s “Erotica and Pornography” was published in Ms. magazine in In this piece she elaborates on why construct is non the lone clip human existences want to hold sex. Gloria Steinem >The feminist and journalist Gloria Steinem (born ) was active in many >liberal causes beginning in the mids and was the first editor of Ms.

>magazine. She became a leading spokeswoman of the feminist movement and >helped shape the debateover women's enfranchisement. Gloria Steinem's "Erotica and Pornography" was published in Ms.

magazine in In this piece she elaborates on why conception is not the only time human beings want to have sex. Humans not only have sex to create life but also to create a connection.

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Summary gloria steinem s erotica pornograph
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